Our BEST SELLING cancer-fighting protocol.

The Protocol 2000 is, in essence, the cancer protocol, but we are not naming it "cancer protocol" as such because it also works well for most other life-threatening diseases. We have observed that more than 90% of those who use Protocol 2000 faithfully and take responsibility for using it as directed, overcome their cancer and or other diseases completely.

Protocol 2000 combines two of our best selling and most effective products: the EASY MMS tablets and the MMS2 Tablets


Instructions for Protocol 2000:

1) Increase the number of hours per day that one takes the standard EASY MMS hourly dose (1 glass) to 10 hours per day instead of the 8 hours per day. So that's ten (10) glasses of EASY MMS a day.

2) On the third day, starting taking the MMS2 tablet once in the morning (30 mins after your EASY MMS) and again one in the evening, half an hour after your glass of EASY MMS. Repeat for two days.

3) Once you have reached the fifth (5th) day, you can increase the MMS2 tablets to five (5) a day - once every two (2) hours. Half an hour (30 mins) after your glass of EASY MMS.

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Cancer-fighting MMS and MMS2 (Protocol 2000)

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