Get the Complete FAMILY VARIETY PACK for the whole family and save an incredible $75.

The Family Pack consists of every product that a family needs to tackle illness, maintain health or handle an emergency.

We have included for you the very popular MMS Bath tablets - Bathing in MMS water enables cleansing of pathogens that are on the skin surface or just under it. Cleansing at these outer levels avoids overloading the internal elimination systems. Then the best selling MMS tablet in the world is also provided for entire family. Here you have MMS easy enough for the whole family to take and use. Every person on the planet is now in need of magnesium supplementation because our soils are depleted of this essential mineral. Your Magnesium oils can be used topically or mixed with water and ingested as a supplement. Our magnesium is made with pharmaceutical grade Mg and is absorbed 100% by the body. Painful muscles or cramps can easily be overcome by bathing in your bath and adding magnesium oil to the water. The MMS2 Creams can be used if you have teenagers with acne, dry skin conditions, cracked skin or acute skin infections. Your MMS2 Cream provides crucial hypochlorous acid to the skin which fights off infection naturally (your skin makes hypochlorous acid naturally to fight off bacterias and disease). Then lastly we have armed with you with the powerful MMS Gel (Curagel). Curagel is a high strength MMS Gel than can heal the toughest skin infection. Bed sours and ironic skin infections have no chance against Curagel. If someone in the family unfortunately cuts themselves or develops a serious skin infection, then apply Curagel immediately to halt infection and heal the the skin. 

The Family Variety Pack is your total family home solution.  If bought separately all the products would cost you $274. Our special to you is just $199 and saving you $74.

The Family Pack consists of the following:

1 x BULK MMS BATH tablets


5 x Magnesium oils

2 x MMS Creams

1 x Curagel.

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Family / Household Pack. Everything a home needs for overall health.

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