The Coronovirus (COVID-19) has brought the world to its knees. A highly infectious disease that originates from the animal kingdom. The virus is spreading rapidly because of the fourteen days or more symptom-free incubation period. People who have the virus can remain symptom free without knowing they're infected for almost 30 days. You can unknowingly spread it for 2 weeks before you start to notice the any flu-like symptoms.


Our product has been tested in China for the past month and as we all know, Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) destroys a virus naturally. The worlds most natural gas, CLO2 oxidises the outer layers of a virus and exposes it to oxygen (O2).

MMSTABS.COM's innovative, water purification tablets utilize revolutionary technology that makes available the highly effective sanitizing benefits of chlorine dioxide in a simple to use tablet. The tablets are individually blister foil wrapped and specially engineered to carefully control and sustain the release of specified concentrations and strengths of chlorine dioxide gas when added to water. To activate the tablets simply dissolve one tablet into 2 litres off water (for average strength) and within seconds it will produce a solution of activated chlorine dioxide. This generated solution is effective for microbiological control oxidation.

From many resources on the ground we have established a COVID-19 PROTOCOL and have added additional safety measures to protect you from the virus.
Once the tablet is dissolved in 2L of water, the CLO2 solution is ready in about a minutes time. We have engineered three options to you (depending on your situation) that you can now use your solution most effectively.

If you want to be precautious (preventative) or if you have flu like symptoms or confirmed to have COVID-19 - please follow the below protocol.

  • Dissolve ONE TABLET in 2L (67 USA Oz) of water and drink use one glass (125ml) every two hours. Repeat this for eight to ten times a day. Repeat again second day. When symptoms subside you can pull back the dose to one glass (125ml) every two hours for two days. FOR PREVENTATIVE MEASURES: Use one glass every three hours a day while you are in containment and do not make contact with anyone from the outside. For children under the age of 16 - please dilute the 125ml glass of the solution by half and repeat the protocol. IMPORTANT: Please keep your solution in an air tight container and away from the light. Inside a fridge is best.
  • NASAL & MOUTH SPARY: Dissolve ONE TABLET in 1.5L (50 USA Oz) of water and keep your solution in an air tight container and away from the light. Inside a fridge is best. Pour your solution into the nasal or mouth dispenser provided and dispense the liquid inside your nose and deep into your throat with three squirts per application. Because the virus resides in the upper regions of the body, this application shows BEST results. Spray deep into your nostrils and mouth every hour - allowing the mixture to run down the back of your throat. If the solution is to strong for your throat or nose, then please dilute the solution with some water until you happy with strength. IMPORTANT: Keep your nasal or mouth spray in the fridge and in the dark at all times.
  • DISINFECT SURFACES: Dissolve ONE TABLET in 1.5L (50 USA Oz) of water and keep your solution in an air tight container and away from the light. Inside a fridge is best. Pour your solution into the disinfection sprayer provided. When outside and amongst the population, spray contact surfaces like shopping trollies, escalators, buttons, bank machines, money, public transport etc.Its best to be also be wearing gloves at this time. The solution will last about three hours (as its in the light) while you are out and about. When you go back inside, please refill your disinfection sprayer with a fresh solution of CLO2 for the next time you venture outside.
  • Be sure to continue using this protocol way after you are well. We suggest three weeks. This virus has come back to folks who have been discharged from local hospitals in China. 
  • Lastly, we also recommend you bath in the solution (EASYMMS BATH tablets provided on the website) and that you wash your clothes with ONE TABLET (no soapy water - just CLO2 water) in the washing machine or by hand.


This product contains the following:

300 CLO2 tablets and each tablet can make 16 glasses of solution. One tablet should last you two days when digesting it (per person)

Four high quality nasal and mouth dispensers.

Three CURAGELdisinfectant gels bottles

The product also contains a high quality disinfection sprayer for outside use.

This product is designed for A FAMILY and last 4 months.

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