PRODUCT OF YEAR WINNER 2019/2020. Making MMS has never been made this EASY. SAVE 30% when you buy 60 MMS tablets. The EASY MMS TABLETS pack includes 10 units of the BEST SELLING MMS AND EACH PACK HAS 6 TABLETS.



 Making MMS has never been made this EASY. Works longer & harder in your body - BEST MMS in its class.

As world leaders in MMS technology and product development, we think this is the next giant step for MMS.

We brought you MMS in a tablet some years back now and Jim Humble and the entire crew celebrated with us for that development. Now, with the help of 12 doctors in the field for just over 2 years, we have developed a new tablet that works harder, much higher ppm and is completely safe to take. Its ruthless against bacteria and pathogens and it works far longer in your body.

We have also listened to you our loyal customers. It's a been challenging task to keep the tablets from oxidizing in their foils and the shelf life was therefore sometimes inconsistent.  Our factory works very hard on this every day - BUT now our new product has a guaranteed shelf-life of more than 18 months and will not oxidize in the foil

So we have improved the product by giving it a much longer shelf-life. We have eliminated the feeling of nausea when you take MMS with a new bicarbonate formula (liquid MMS makes people feel nausea or squeamish). We have increased the PPM (strength) of the MMS to have a more consistent result against disease the first time a patient takes the MMS. And lastly, it works longer in your body and harder in your body as one tablet, one solution.

MMSTABS.COM's innovative, chlorine dioxide tablets utilize revolutionary technology that makes available the highly effective sanitizing benefits of chlorine dioxide in a simple to use tablet form. The tablets are individually blister foil wrapped and specially engineered to carefully control and sustain the release of specified concentrations and strengths of chlorine dioxide gas when added to water. The shelf life has now been increased to 18 months from 3 months. Generating chlorine dioxide gas with these tablets is as simple as in their dry form, the tablets are un-reactive only producing chlorine dioxide when exposed to or added to water. To activate the tablets simply dissolve one tablet into 2 litres of water and within seconds it will produce a solution of activated chlorine dioxide. This generated solution is effective for microbiological control oxidation.


The products are made under exacting pharmaceutical manufacturing practices.


·     Much higher PPM and COMPLETELY SAFE

·     Works longer and harder in the body

·     48 months field trials complete

·     NO MORE feeling of nausea

·     SAFE for the entire family

·     One tablet, One Solution

Directions of use:


Each sachet contains 6 tablets. 

1.   Dissolve ONE EASYMMS tablet into a 2-liter bottle of mineral water (clean water). We like using mineral water bought from our local store, as it contains no fluoride, no added chlorine and is bacteria clean. 

2.   The dissolving should take about a minute. Swirl the bottle around to effectively dissolve the EASYMMS. The water should be a brilliant yellow colour now.

3.   You now have 2000ml (2 liters) of MMS. EASY! 


Two liters of MMS can be taken over two days. Pour a glass every hour (125ml) to enjoy during the day (over 8-10 hours).  If you are seriously ill, you can drink the solution over one day if required. We suggest you stop taking MMS from the evening (7pm) till the next morning (7am). This is simply a good time for your body to rest and for you to eat something (nourish your body). We also recommend that you take MMS for 6 days and then give your body a 24-hour rest on the 7thday. 

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THE 10 PACK EASY MMS with 60 tablets.

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