This is our BULK BUY Curagel option (10 units). Nothing escapes MMSTABS’s innovative Curagel which is CLO2 suspended in a magnesium enriched gel that is applied to any skin infection, infected bite, skin lesions, bed sore, toe fungus etc. This is the power of CLO2 directly onto the surface area of a skin infection. Curagel destroys bacteria via a process called oxidation. Curagel also forms a barrier over the infected area to protect from further infection.

This product is made weekly to retain the freshness of the ingredients. Once opened, please keep it tightly sealed (CLO2 is a gas) and in the refrigerator to maintain its strength.


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This is not medical advice and you most consult widely and make your own decisions.

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BULK BUY 10 x Curagel 100ml (CLO2 Gel)

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  • $349.99

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