Pay with PAYPAL

If you would like to pay with PAYPAL, we can assist you as follows,

    1. Order what you would like by selecting the items you need to your shopping cart.
    2. Once you are happy with what you need and you happy with what's in your cart - select CHECKOUT
    3. If you a returning or saved customer, your delivery details will appear. If a new customer, pleas ethen fill out your best delivery details and contact info.
    4. Then your shipping options will be in the next step. Your shipping can either be the FREE option (if you have spent over $99) or it will calculate the rate for you.
    5. NOW, on the payment page, you must select the BANK TRANSFER (the second option) in order for the PayPal payment option Select the "I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions” tick box and then click CONTINUE. If you select the VISA MASTERCARD option, it will direct you to pay with your bank card.
    6. You are then presented with your order and instruction to select the CONFIRM ORDER button at the bottom of the page.
    7. The BANK TRANSFER option simply sends us and you an invoice email that depicts your order and that you would like to pay via PayPal.
    8. We then SEND YOU a Paypal payment request to your email (from our GMAIL address) and in the refference we put your invoice number #
    9. You then recieve the Paypal payment request email and confirm payment by selecting the necessary within your Paypal account.
    10. We recieve the payment confirmation email and package your order for delivery.
    11. Thank you so much, please email at if you have any difficulties. 
    1. Select what you want to order and fill out the delivery details.
    2. Select BANK TRANSFER for payment when checking out.
    3. We send you a PayPal payment request and you confirm by paying via Paypal.
    4. We receive payment and ship your goods off that same day.

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